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Complaint Information

Allegations of Misconduct

First, you should have an idea of what specific misconduct the POST Board can address.  Minnesota Rules, Chapter 6700.2000 defines misconduct and Minnesota Rules, Chapter 6700.2200 addresses the development of written policy and procedures to address citizen allegations of misconduct.   All allegation of misconduct must be processed through the local jurisdiction before the POST Board can take action.  If it is proven that misconduct that may result in disciplinary action has occurred, the POST Board can only take action against the officer’s license.  Other disciplinary procedures are done by the local law enforcement agency that employs the officer.
The first step in pursuing an allegation of misconduct is to contact the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (Chief of Police, Sheriff or State Agency Director) and inquire as to the means of filing such an allegation.  An individual must make a formal complaint directly to the local agency that employs the officer.  By law, the department must have a policy that outlines the process for resolving complaints.  Some agencies request a letter, others will ask you to fill out a form or take a recorded deposition.  The Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) or their representative should give you a time frame in which to expect a reply.  The CLEO may delay such a reply until the conclusion of any court action regarding the individuals involved in the allegation.
However, if you plan to pursue this complaint with another non-law enforcement agency, no action can be taken by the POST Board due to dual jurisdictions.


You may file a complaint form with our office.  We will forward your form to the appropriate agency CLEO who will respond directly to you after their investigation.