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Peace Officer Licensing Examination

The Peace Officer Licensing Exam is administered when an individual has completed a Minnesota Professional Peace Officer Education (PPOE) program and has been awarded a post-secondary degree. See “Becoming an Officer” elsewhere on this site.
Contact your PPOE coordinator if you intend to take this exam. The coordinator must complete and submit to the board a certification of completion document for you. The coordinator can also provide you with the application for the licensing exam. Alternately, you may apply for this exam online. See “online services” under the "POST" tab on this website.
If you failed the exam on a previous attempt, you should have received a retake application with your letter. Your coordinator must sign the retake application after you have consulted with him or her. This exam is administered every other month. Contact the POST Board if you need another retake application.
Do not apply for the Peace Officer Licensing Examination if you have passed the exam at some point in the past. If you passed the exam more than three years ago but were never licensed, you will need to apply for the Reinstatement of Eligibility Exam. The application for this exam is not available from the website. Please contact the POST Board for this application.
If you are an applicant from another state or certain federal law enforcement positions, you may be eligible for reciprocity. See the reciprocity section for more information.