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Minimum Selection Standards and Thorough Background for Hiring (doc), (pdf)
Emergency Vehicle Operation/Police Pursuit Training Exemption (doc), (pdf)

Complainant Form (doc), (pdf)

Licensing Application and Forms

Request for Peace Officer License (doc), (pdf)
Personnel Notification (doc), (pdf)
Employment Termination (doc), (pdf)
Notification of Pre-employment Background Investigation (doc), (pdf)
Extraordinary and Temporary Need for Additional Part-time License Peace Officer Application
(doc), (pdf)

Part-time Peace Officer Forms

Part-time Peace Officer Annual Hour Log (doc), (pdf)
Part-time Peace Officer Monthly Hour Log (doc), (pdf)
Application for Part-time Peace Officer Licensing Examination (doc), (pdf)

Reciprocity Exam Applications

Application for Reciprocity Examination (doc), (pdf)
Application for Reciprocity Examination Military Police Background (doc), (pdf)

Continuing Education Application and Forms

Continuing Education Course Approval Application (doc), (pdf)
Course Schedule Update for POST Website (doc), (pdf)
Affidavit of Attendance (doc), (pdf)
Instructor Credit Form (doc), (pdf)
Individual Continuing Education Credit Form (doc), (pdf)

Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Improvements Act of 2010

Application for Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Improvements Act (LEOSAIA) (doc), (pdf)
Instructions for Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Improvements Act (pdf)