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Extraordinary and Temporary Need

Request for Additional Part-time Peace Officer License Based on Extraordinary and Temporary Need

Through legislation in 1999, the POST Board was directed to determine the number of part-time peace officers per agency based on employment information from the years 1996, 1997 and 1998. The legislation also allows law enforcement agencies to request additional part-time licenses if they demonstrate an extraordinary and temporary need. Specifically, MN STAT 626.8468, subd. 1(b) states:

“After January 1, 2000, the board may issue additional part-time peace officer licenses to a law enforcement agency that employs a part-time peace officer and that demonstrates to the board an extraordinary and temporary need for the additional license.”

To request additional part-time peace officer license(s), complete the Extraordinary and Temporary Need for Additional Part-Time Peace Officer License Application and submit it to the POST Board. Each request is considered on a case-by-case basis. Whether to grant additional part-time license(s) and under what conditions is determined based on the extraordinary and temporary need demonstrated by the agency.
When considering requests, the Board may find it needs more information than what is included on the application. In that case, the Board will ask the Chief Law Enforcement Officer and any key supporters to appear before the Board to address their questions.
If an agency request is granted, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer must submit a Personnel Notification Form for each eligible officer. If the agency’s request is denied, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer may appeal the decision by making a presentation during a regularly scheduled board meeting. Any action taken by the Board will be final.
For further information, please contact the Executive Director at 651-201-7788.