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Hiring a Part-time Peace Officer

Part-Time Peace Officer Requirements

Hiring a part-time peace officers (not peace officers working on a part-time basis or reserve officers) must obtain a part-time peace officer license to practice law enforcement. Part-time peace officers cannot work more than 1040 hours of active duty per calendar year and can only work when supervised by a licensed peace officer.


Applicants for a part-time peace officer position fall into one of the two following categories:    

1.  An applicant already has a part-time peace officer license. The agency must notify the POST Board by submitting the Personnel Notification form before the first day of employment. 

2. Applicant does not have a part-time peace officer license.  The sponsoring agency must submit an Application for Part Time Peace Officer Exam form, the $52.50 fee and date requested for the exam.  Part time exams are given every Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. at the POST Board office.

Questions should be directed to Peggy Strand at 651-201-7782.

Click here to obtain an application for Part-Time Peace Officer Examination