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Inactive Officer


Inactive peace officers are notified of renewal by mail at their home address.  If you have not received a renewal notice by the second week of April during the year you are due to renew, we may not have your current mailing address.  Contact the POST Board at 651-643-3060 to request a renewal notice or update your mailing address. 


To renew your inactive peace officer or part-time peace officer license, you must submit the renewal fee o $90. and have earned the required 48 continuing education credits by June 30 of your renewal year.  Licenses expire on July 1 when renewal requirements are not met.  
From July 1 and on restoration fees are applied in addition to the license fee. See the License Restoration page for details.   


To find training to complete your 48 hours, inactive officers should contact any previous departments you have worked for. POST's Website lists new course offerings weekly on the Upcoming Approved Courses page. 
Staff contacts:  Jeff Evans, 651-201-7784
                     or   Carol Hall, 651-201-7791