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License Renewal

License Renewal Information

Peace Officer and Part-Time Peace Officer licenses are valid for three years.  Newly licensed officers will first renew on June 30th of the third calendar year following initial hire. The renewal schedule then becomes permanent based on three-year intervals.

Active peace officers and part-time peace officers will be notified through your primary law enforcement agency in March of the year you are due to renew.  Inactive peace officers will be notified at their home address when they are due to renew. If you are an inactive officer, make sure the POST Board is notified of any change of address.
Officers are expected to retain documentation for law enforcement related courses that have not been pre-approved and may be randomly selected for a Continuing Education Review.

To ensure the integrity of the POST continuing education (CE) system, the POST Board will review the CE records of a number of randomly selected officers. The officers will receive a notice in the mail informing them they have been selected for a CE Review. Officers will be asked to submit documentation of the continuing education courses they have successfully completed equal to 48 hours.

The proof of completion documentation must include certificates or other proof of completion that indicates:
  1. the name of the training provider;
  2. the course title;
  3. course date(s);
  4. the hours successfully completed.
Officers should keep their own training records. Even though many departments keep excellent training records, it is ultimately the responsibility of each licensee to keep their own records.
POST will not give “over-the-phone” approvals for courses officers consider attending. Instead, please use the following guidelines for course approval to determine whether or not a course will be accepted.
To be accepted for continuing education training credit, licensees must attend and successfully complete courses that:
  1. are law enforcement-related,
  2. promote professional peace officer competence, and
  3. are related to the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to perform peace officer duties.