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License Restoration

Restoration of Peace Officer License

If your license expired within the past three years, you may restore it by documenting 48 hours of continuing education and paying the restoration fee of $35 plus the renewal fee of $90.  Contact the POST Board to obtain the necessary application and forms.
If your license has been expired more than three years, you can restore it only through testing.  The restoration exam is similar to the peace officer licensing exam you took when finishing your Professional Peace Officer Education (PPOE) program.  The peace officer licensing examination is a comprehensive licensing examination based on the current curriculum taught in Minnesota's PPOE programs.
To prepare for the examination you should acquire and study the latest editions of:
Each of these publications may be obtained from Minnesota's Bookstore, 660 Olive Street, St. Paul MN 55101, phone (651) 297-3000. Alternatively, the statutes are available on the State of Minnesota website:
The peace officer licensing restoration examination is administered at 9:00 a.m. each Tuesday of every month at the POST Board offices.  Your non-refundable fee and application must be received in our office at least fourteen days prior to your requested examination date.
If you have questions regarding the exam or are requesting an application and fee information, please call 651-643-3060.