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Strategic Technology Reserve Subcommittee

The Strategic Technology Reserve (STR) Subcommittee is a function of the Interoperability Committee.  The purpose of the STR Subcommittee is to work on tasks and to advise the Interoperability Committee on topics specific to the STR. The subcommittee the condition and use of the state’s STR and strives to freshen and strengthen STR standards associated with the COMU. The subcommittee has representation from all regions of the state, so that all issues that are brought forward are discussed and vetted through a process that assures that all interests are represented. 

To learn more about the STR, visit the Interoperability webpage.

Committee Membership

The membership of the STR Subcommittee was decided on September 19, 2017 by the Interoperability Committee follows:

Membership is comprised of one primary and one alternate from each of the following: Minnesota Department of Public Safety division of Emergency Communication Networks, Minnesota National Guard, and each regional emergency communications or emergency services board.

View the current Membership Roster


The STR Subcommittee meets on the first Tuesday of even-numbered months using an online meeting tool. Telephone conference and Internet connections for meetings will be provided at the top of the meeting’s agenda. The actual meeting date, time, and location can be found on the SECB calendar and on the meeting’s agenda

Agendas and supporting materials for future meetings may be found on the Meeting Materials webpage.

To request that an item be heard or considered by the STR Subcommittee, the item should be submitted to the Subcommittee Chair at the below address. Meeting materials must be submitted no later than nine business days prior to the meeting.

Statewide Emergency Communications Board
STR Subcommittee Chair
c/o Emergency Communication Networks
445 Minnesota Street, suite #137
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101


Agendas, supporting materials, and approved minutes for past meetings may also be found on the Meeting Materials webpage.