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The Statewide Emergency Communications Board was created by the Minnesota Legislature in 2004 to implement the Statewide Interoperable Public Safety Radio and Communication System Plan. That plan evolved out of the implementation of a regionwide interoperable radio system in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area in 2001.  

At the time the Statewide Emergency Communications Board was created, the Statewide Interoperable Public Safety Radio and Communication System was given the name of Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response (ARMER). 

The ARMER system is a major element of Minnesota's long-term interoperable communication planning, but not the only element. There is an immediate and pressing need for interoperable public safety communication planning among all emergency responders and the Statewide Radio Board is a broad forum representing all public safety disciplines from across the state.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Statewide Public Safety Radio System Planning Committee is to be responsible for developing and implementing a project plan for a statewide, shared, trunked public safety radio communications system in Minnesota, to develop and apply statewide standards and guidelines for interoperability, and to initiate an education plan to stakeholders.