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The Statewide Radio Board is called for in Minnesota Statute 403.36: "Statewide Radio Board," last revised in 2010. Among many other provisions, this statute:

  • Directs the commissioner of Public Safety to "convene and chair the Statewide Radio Board to develop a project plan for a statewide, shared, trunked public safety radio communication system. The system may be referred to as 'Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response,' or 'ARMER.'"
  • Designates the Statewide Radio Board as the State Interoperability Executive Committee
  • Requires local units of government receiving state funds for integrating with ARMER to file an integration plan with the Statewide Radio Board
  • Directs the Statewide Radio Board to explore opportunities for interoperability with neighboring states and Canadian provinces
  • Develop standards and guidelines for use and integration of public and private communications infrastructure.