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Become a better rider: Invest in your skills — and your safety — this motorcycle season

A motorcyclist navigating a training course as other riders watch.May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in Minnesota. And let's be honest, motorcycle safety messaging can seem very repetitive: Wear a helmet. Ride sober. Don't speed.

Some riders listen, some unfortunately don't. 27 motorcyclists have already been killed on our roads this year (as of June 26), and fatalities have increased in recent years. And yes — helmet use, speed and impairment are often contributors. But ultimately, the skill of the rider can be a determining factor in preventing crashes that lead to injury and death.

The best way to improve your skills? Take a rider training course.​ Learn more about the importance of rider training and how to register.​

In Minnesota, we take rider safety seriously. Wear protective gear and spread the word about motorcycle awareness on our roads. 

This proclamation by our Governor is an example of what you can do to increase awareness.

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Get an inside look at MMSC’s Basic Rider Course.​