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Intentionally set fires trending higher in 2023

​Our data team is compiling fire incident information for 2023 and has pinpointed a troubling trend with incendiary fires. While these types of fires could be considered arson, not all incendiary fires are arson. They may also include recreational fires that were intentionally set that got out of control.

Numbers show an average of 61 reported incendiary fires in Minnesota every month between January and August this year. That's compared to an average of 70 reported incendiary fires every month during those same months in 2022. 
While this year's numbers are lower than last year, some fire incident reports come in at a slower rate, so it's likely these numbers could spike. Our data also shows that several months in 2023 already have, or are on pace to, overtake last year's counts.

So how can you help? It's simple. If you see something, say something! Learn five quick tips to prevent arson in your neighborhood. ​

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