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What's New?

UPDATE February April 16, 2021

From the Executive Director:

In an effort to be more transparent and keep interested stakeholders informed, I am sending out highlights/updates on POST Board activities as regularly as I can.

​April 16, 2021:


Update on complaint reporting and training database:


  • A meeting was held with law enforcement stakeholders as required in reform legislation and final development of specific reporting requirements is underway.
  • We are well into the development phase of the software and the project is on track for completion within the established timeline.
  • More specifically:
    • Mid-January to mid-February: Requirements gathering (case management & Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs))
    • Mid-February to end of April: System configuration (POST and LEA side)
    • May to June: Analytics and reporting configuration, training material creation, system testing, go live training.
    • July: Go live and support
  • The second phase of the project will run during the second half of 2021 and will focus on the development of the training tracking/assessment portion of the new mandates.


Complaint process changes:


  • Board staff have made a number of changes to the POST complaint process over the last year and more recently:
    • We are updating the Professional Conduct of Officers (Conduct Unbecoming) Model Policy and the Allegations of Misconduct Model Policy in conjunction with the work on the complaint database project.
    • Several recommendations regarding the complaint process have also been referred to the Rules Advisory committee for rulemaking
    • POST Standards Coordinators are now accessing Minnesota Government Access (MGA) files and federal court files as a part of the complaint and investigative process.
    • Beginning in January of 2020, we began tracking the total number of complaints, whether in jurisdiction or not, and are collecting greater detail in terms of allegations and dispositions. NOTE: This data remains private until and unless final discipline is imposed.


Compliance review process:


  • Board staff have made several changes to the compliance review process. Specifically, changing the part of the reviews focused on training records (many of which were already vetted through the CE process) to a more in depth review of complaint data that was either taken in by the agency or referred back to the agency from POST.
  • POST Standard's Coordinators will also be reviewing a greater sample of background investigations conducted by agencies as a part of their hiring process.
  • COVID and unfilled staff positions have hampered compliance reviews and the change process, this continues to be a work in progress.


Staffing Update (POST positions related to the police reform bill)


  • The Assistant Executive Director: Hired effective March 31, 2021
  • Continuing Education Coordinator: One position has been filled and the other will be filled April 28th.
  • Standards Coordinator: Interviews are being conducted the week of April 19th.


Ensuring Police Excellence and Improving Community Relations Advisory Council


  • The Advisory Council's next meeting is May 3, 2021


POST Board rules overhaul

  • The next meeting of the Advisory Committee on POST Board Rules Overhaul is May 12, 2021.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about this information.


Erik Misselt

Executive Director

Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training

International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) Minnesota POST Audit Report: