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UPDATE June 4, 2021

From the Executive Director:

In an effort to be more transparent and keep interested stakeholders informed, I am sending out highlights/updates on POST Board activities as regularly as I can.

June 4, 2021:


Update on complaint reporting and training database:

  • We have reached out to several agencies to act as pilot programs before a full roll out of the software to the whole state. Pilot agencies will go live around mid-July with a full roll out shortly after that.
  • Initial meetings have begun regarding the development of the training tracking/assessment database portion of the new mandates.


Complaint process changes:

  • A special committee of the board has been meeting to compare and contrast complaint reporting processes of other, similarly situated, regulatory boards to the POST Board process. We hope to have recommendations for the full board by the next meeting.


Model policy on public assembly response/1st amendment protection working group:

  • The working group has held several meetings on development of this model policy. This came to the board as a recommendation from the Ensuring Police Excellence and Improving Community Relations Advisory Council.


Job task analysis:

  • Board staff are working with our testing development vendor, PSI, to complete a Job Task Analysis (JTA) as recommended by the IADLEST audit.
    • Planning is underway which includes identifying subject matter experts and identifying the process by which other stakeholders/interested communities may offer input in the process.
    • This updated JTA will be used to update licensing exam items as well as provide additional data for potential development of a pre-service training curriculum.


Continuing Education course and provider approval process:

  • Board staff continue to work to develop appropriate parameters for approval of continuing education (CE) courses and providers, partly in response to reform legislation but also to strengthen POST oversight of CE.
  • Staff will present updated CE processes to the full board for review as well as identify any necessary rule or legislative changes that will be required.


Pre-service training:

  • Concurrently with the completion of the JTA, board staff have begun collecting information from other states regarding the development of a pre-service curriculum for all Professional Peace Officer Education (PPOE) schools that provide the “skills" component of PPOE.
  • It is anticipated that POST will form a working group to explore the development of a state-wide curriculum for “skills" training, including recommendations for needed rule-making and/or legislative changes.
  • This was a central recommendation of the IADLEST audit.


Staffing Update:

  • Filled positions:
    • Assistant Director
    • 2 Continuing Education Coordinators
    • 1 Standards Coordinator
  • Unfilled positions in various stages of completion:
    • 1 Standards Coordinator (fill recent retirement)
    • 1 Continuing Education Credit Coordinator (vacancy by promotion)
    • 1 Office and Administrative Specialist Intermediate


Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about this information.


Erik Misselt

Executive Director

Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training​

2021 License Renewal

2021 License Renewal

This is a reminder to all  Chief Law Enforcement Officers (CLEOs) of each law enforcement agency and all licensees that license renewal is underway. If your license is due for renewal this year, the deadline is midnight June 30, 2021.

There are three renewal options:

Agencies have the ability to do "Bulk Renewal" using their CLEO's online account.  This is the preferred method for an agency to pay for their officer's renewal.  It is also the easiest method for agencies that want to renew several officers at the same time.

Individual officers renewing their license are also able to complete their license renewal process using their online account, however the bank fees will be their individual responsibility.

All officers MUST have 48 CE credits in the POST Board system in order to renew their license. If an officer does not have the 48 CE credits, neither they, nor the agency will be able to renew the license.  Officers who choose to mail their application and payment must also have the 48 CE credits in the POST system in order to renew. If not, the renewal will not be processed and the payment will be returned.

Bulk Renewal by agency online:

a.    Access your online account.
b.    Select officer license renewal (only officers whom have met the 48 CE credit requirement).

1. Select "peace officers qualified for renewal" from the drop down menu.

​*NOTE*If you want to see which officers are DUE FOR RENEWAL but DO NOT have the required 48 CE credits, select "peace officers not qualified for renewal" from the drop down menu.

c.    Follow the on-screen prompts and instructions.
      IMPORTANT!! The cart should automatically show the total amount due to renew the selected officers. HOWEVER, if you see an amount in your cart for payment that does not match the amount due for renewal, it is because you have another application awaiting payment. 
d.    Make payment (POST Board will be covering transaction fees for 2021).
e.     Make sure your officers have created an online account to receive their renewed license by email.

Renewal process for an individual officer:
     Online renewal (preferred method)
a.    Click the "online services" link on the home page at https://dps.mn.gov/entity/post/pages/default.aspx​.
b.    Either create an online account or “Log in" to an existing account.
c.    On your Dashboard, under "Actions" select the option “Renewal."
d.    Pay with a credit/debit card or check routing number.
e.  US Bank will assess a processing fee which varies depending on the method of payment.

Click on this link​ if you do not have an existing account and need to create one. DO NOT create a second account if you already have one. Contact POST staff with any problems accessing an existing account.

     Paper renewal (non-preferred method)
a.    Agency receives and prints the renewal applications for their officers.
b.    Distribute to individual officers to submit with their payment. 
d.     Officers mail their application with a check to MN POST Board to complete the renewal process.
e.  Once the payment is processed, an official renewed license will be emailed to the officer.

Online renewal services are available until 11:59 pm on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

Mailed renewal applications must be received by 4:30 pm on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training
                  1600 University Avenue – Suite 200
                   St. Paul, Minnesota  55104

Please do not hesitate to contact the POST Board at 651-643-3060 if you have any questions related to license renewal.

2021 blank renewal form for Peace Officer License​

2021 blank renewal form for Part-time Peace Officer License​

International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) Minnesota POST Audit Report: