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A Message from the Interim Executive Director

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and the more recent events surrounding the death of George Floyd, the POST Board began a time of transition. Several new board members, including the board chair, were appointed by Governor Walz. The Executive Director retired in January and I was appointed Interim Executive Director pending conducting an open hiring process to determine a permanent replacement. The COVID-19 pandemic and related Executive orders significantly delayed the hiring process which is now underway.

Ever since my appointment to the Interim position, as well as my time as the Assistant Executive Director, I have felt strongly that many of POST’s business processes, rules and governing statutes are in dire need of a comprehensive review and overhaul. My discussions with various stakeholders, legislators and board members has reinforced that belief. The Board recognizes this need and is supportive of several of these initiatives and will consider additional proposals in the coming months.

The Board is embarking on a process of organizational change that requires the input of numerous diverse stakeholders, subject matter experts and legislative authorities. Comprehensive rule-making alone is a long involved process akin to writing and passing legislation. The Board is resolved to make these changes and do the work that is required to do this right.

A fundamental part of making good decisions is to have solid, objective data from a number of sources. The actions described below will form the foundation for a sweeping action plan to change and improve what we do and how we do it.

We look forward to those challenges with the ultimate goal of carrying out our mission in a transparent and professional way that serves all of our stakeholders.

Erik Misselt

Interim Executive Director


I.           Comprehensive overhaul of Chapter 6700 – Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training Rules. The rule-making process is a complex effort. Details on the rule making process can be found in the links that follow. Additional information on rule-making will be regularly updated on the POST Board’s rulemaking page.

POST Rules:

Rulemaking in Minnesota:


Overview: Beginning with the July 23, 2020 meeting, the Executive Director and Rules Coordinator will present the work plan to the Board and request:

·       Resolution authorizing the Executive Director to proceed

·       Appointment of a rules committee (5-7 members)

·       Delegation of authority to the rules committee to appoint members to an advisory committee

·       Note on Advisory Committee make up: Individuals and representatives of interest/stakeholder groups are invited to apply, and application is open to the public.  Each committee member represents an interest/stakeholder group, and is expected to reach out to their group for feedback to bring back to committee.   All points of view should be represented on the committee and subcommittees.


II.         International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) audit.

a.   The Interim Executive Director has requested an audit that will compare Minnesota POST Board processes to those of other POST Boards nation-wide as well as proven best practices. This audit will focus on the following areas:

                                       i.    Pre-service education and training

                                     ii.    Continuing education and training

                                    iii.    Regulatory function – complaint process, discipline

Work on this audit is expected to begin July 1, 2020.​