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What's New?

Board Approves Model Sexual Assault Investigation Policy

​The Minnesota POST Board approved a model Sexual Assault Investigation Policy at its January 24, 2019 Board meeting.  Currently, this is not a required policy, however, legislation is pending that may make this a required policy for all law enforcement agencies in the State of Minnesota. 

Click on the following to view this policy.  (word) (pdf)

Electronic Rulemaking Mailing List

Electronic Rulemaking Mailing List: To add your name to the email list for updates on the Board's rulemaking activities, please email with "Rulemaking" in the subject line.  Interested parties on the list will be notified of upcoming rulemaking efforts of the Board.


2019 License Renewal for Active and Inactive Officers

POST is beginning preparation for renewal 2019.   To ensure active and inactive officers receive their renewed license in a timely manner, they need a current email address in their online account.  If you have previously created your online account, please make sure your email address is current and your continuing education record indicates you have at least 48 credits to renew your license. If you haven’t already created an online account, please use the instructions below to create your online account and claim your license.

1)      Click “Online Services” from the navigation pane on the left side of this page. 
2)      Click “Create an Online Account.”
3)      At the bottom right hand corner of the page click “Register Here.”
4)      Follow the step by step instructions to create your account. 
5)      Once the registration is complete, click on “Go to Login Page” (Log in with the same email and 
password you just created).
6)      Once logged in, you will be prompted with a few questions to claim your license.

IMPORTANT:  Officers renewing their license in 2019 will be required to have at least 48 credits of continuing education documented in their record.  If the officer does not have at least 48 credits documented at the time they try to renew their license, the system will not accept a payment to renew. 

It is the officer’s responsibility to access their online account and verify they have at least 48 credits of continuing education documented.  If an officer does not have at least 48 credits, the officer will need to contact the sponsor and have the sponsor submit the “Affidavit of Attendance” from the course that is missing.  You only need 48 credits documented to renew your license.

Once an officer has 48 credits documented and pays the renewal fee, the officer will receive their new license by email from the POST Board system.

If you have any questions, please contact Dan Vujovich by phone at 651-201-7784 or email at