Model Policies

  1. ​Use of Force Model Policy (doc) (pdf​) ​
    MN STAT 626.8452, Subd.1 (1)(a) 
    ​Yearly training for each peace officer based on the In-service Use of Force Learning Objectives is required.

  2. Eyewitness Identification Procedures Model Policy (doc) (pdf) 
    MN STAT 626.8433

  3. Allegations of Misconduct Model Policy (doc) (pdf​)
    MN RULES 6700.2200

  4. Professional Conduct of Officers (Conduct Unbecoming) Model Policy (doc) (pdf
    MN STAT 626.8457

  5. Domestic Abuse Model Policy (doc) (pdf
    MN STAT 629.342

  6. Avoiding Racial Profiling Model Policy (doc) (pdf
    MN STAT 626.8471

  7. Investigation of Sexual Assault Model Policy (doc) (pdf
    MN STAT 626.8442

  8. Public Assembly/First Amendment Activity Model Policy (doc) (pdf​) Suggested Best Practices policy adopted by POST Board July 22, 2021

  9. Response to Reports of Missing & Endangered Persons Model Policy (doc) (pdf
    MN STAT 626.8454 (see also MN STAT 299C.51-299C.5655, and 390.25)

  10. Predatory Offender Registration Community Notification Model Policy (doc) (pdf
    Minnesota Session Laws 1996, Chapter 408, Art. 5, Sec. 7

  11. Vehicle Pursuit and Emergency Vehicle Operations Model Policy (doc) (pdf
    MN STAT 626.8458, Subd. 2 
    MN RULES 6700.2700 thru 6700.2704 
    All officers not declared exempt on the Police Pursuit Training Exemption Form must complete an 8-hour course based on In-Service Police Pursuit & Emergency Vehicle Operation Learning Objectives every 5 years.

  12. Criminal Conduct on School Buses Model Policy (doc) (pdf
    MN STAT 169.4581

  13. Lighting Exemption of Law Enforcement Vehicles Model Policy (doc) (pdf
    MN STAT 169.541

  14. Procession of Property for Administrative Forfeiture Model Policy (doc) (pdf
    Required agency policy must be approved by board 
    MN STAT 609.531

  15. Supervision of Part-time Licensed Peace Officers Model Policy (doc) (pdf
    Required policy if agency employs a part-time officer 
    MN RULES 6700.1110 
    Note: Part-time peace officers are those licensed before 1978 and who were grandfathered in as licensed officers. This does not apply to peace officers licensed after 1978 who are employed on a part-time basis.

  16. Automated License Plate Reader Policy 
    Required policy to be developed by law enforcement agency if agency uses plate readers – no model policy 
    MN STAT 626.8472

  17. Portable Recording Systems Adoption 
    Required policy to be developed by law enforcement agency if agency uses such systems – no model policy
    MN STAT 626.8473

  18. Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Policy 
    Required policy to be developed by law enforcement agency if agency uses UAVs and posted on website – no model policy 
    MN STAT 626.19