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Retirement of POST Continuing Education Coordinator

For training sponsors and law enforcement agencies,

It is with mixed emotions that I share this message with you.  After 42.5 years of public service, 37 in law enforcement, our Continuing Education Coordinator Bob Hawkins is retiring.  We were fortunate to have Bob as a part of the POST team for the past 14 months.  Bob also served as interim Assistant Executive Director.  We are thrilled for Bob and his family, but we will certainly miss him.  Bob’s last day in the office is February 26, 2021.


POST is currently in the process of filling both the Assistant Executive Director position and the Continuing Education Coordinator vacancy.  During the temporary vacancy, please have your staff send any continuing education documentation to POSTBoard.Continuing.Education-Rosters@state.mn.us. We will review and approve the documentation as quickly as we can.    Our goal is to send you an approval letter, email attachment, within 30 days of receiving the paperwork. 

If you or one of your staff members has questions regarding continuing education, please contact Michelle Haggberg, 651 201-7786, Michelle.Haggberg@state.mn.us.


Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!


Erik Misselt

POST Executive Director​

UPDATE February 3, 2021

From the Executive Director:

In an effort to be more transparent and keep interested stakeholders informed, I am sending out highlights/updates on POST Board activities as regularly as I can.

February 3, 2021:


Update on complaint reporting and training database required by police reform legislation


·         We have hired both a project manager and a business analyst to lead the work with Benchmark Analytics who is the software developer both for the complaint reporting and training database. In addition, Angie Rohow, one of our Standards Coordinators, will be the lead POST staff member for this project. They are currently working in earnest on requirements gathering for the software development.

·         The timeline for this project is to have the complaint reporting database developed and up and running by July 1, 2021 when agencies are required by statute to begin reporting this data in real time. More specifically:

o   Mid-January to mid-February: Requirements gathering (case management & Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs))

o   Mid-February to end of April: System configuration (POST and LEA side)

o   May to June: Analytics and reporting configuration, training material creation, system testing, go live training.

o   July: Go live and support

·         The second phase of the project will run during the second half of 2021 and will focus on the development of the training tracking/assessment portion of the new mandates.


January Board Meeting: The Board has already completed a number of tasks such as approval of the new use of force policy and banning warrior training. At its January meeting, the full Board took action on a number of remaining items related to the police reform legislation, based upon recommendations from the training committee:

·         Pre-Service and In-Service Autism Training Learning Objectives (New)

·         Revised Pre-Service Learning Objectives – Recommendation for change based on new legislation

·         Revised In-Service Use of Force Learning Objectives


Job Task Analysis (JTA): One of the recommendations from the IADLEST audit was to complete a new JTA for the position of police officer. The last JTA was completed by POST in 2015 and best practices suggest that it is done every five years. Among other things, a JTA provides guidance regarding the requirements to perform a particular job and consequently also informs training that should be conducted. I am exploring the possibility of partnering with one or more of our academic institutions to conduct a thorough, updated JTA based on best practices in the profession. I will be submitting a written description of POST’s needs for this project to our academic partners soon.


Staffing Update (POST positions related to the police reform bill)


·         The Assistant Executive Director: Posted 12/29/20 to 01/19/21

·         Continuing Education Coordinator: Posted 12/23/20 to 01/13/21

·         Standards Coordinator: Posting pending

·         Link to Careers page: http://www.mn.gov/careers


Ensuring Police Excellence and Improving Community Relations Advisory Council


·         The Advisory Council’s next meeting is February 19, 2021.

·         Here is the link to the agenda and to view that meeting online:



POST Board rules overhaul

·         The next meeting of the Advisory Committee on POST Board Rules Overhaul is February 17, 2021.

·         Here is the link to the agenda and to view that meeting online:



Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about this information.


Erik Misselt

Executive Director

Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training

International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) Minnesota POST Audit Report: