Solved Cases

​Cold Spring police officer Tom Decker, 31, was shot to death while on duty in 2012. Eric Thomes had possessed the murder weapon and took his own life when agents arrived to arrest him. Ada Senenfelder Ada Senenfelder, 40, was stabbed to death in her Winona home in 1985. Advances in DNA testing capabilities helped law enforcement identify John Willis Nissalke as her killer. Officer James Sackett St. Paul police officer James Sackett, 27, was killed in 1970 while responding to a fake police call. The person who made the call eventually identified Ronald Reed and Larry Clark as the killers. Jeffrey Hammill ​.Jeffrey Hammill, 21, was found beaten to death north of Montrose in 1979. Terry Lynn Olson bragged about the crime 26 years later and was eventually convicted of the murder.
Erica Dalquist Erika Dalquist, 21, was murdered in 2002. Her remains were found on William Gene Myears’s relative’s property in 2004. Myears was captured and convicted of the murder. Julie Ann Holmquist Julie Ann Holmquist, 16, was murdered in 1998. Four years later, Curtiss Dale Cedergren committed suicide when investigators identified his motive and opportunity to commit the crime. Baby Boy Marhsall A Caucasian Male Infant died in 2001 after being abandoned by his mother in Marshall. The discovery of a note written by Stacy Kay Miller led to her arrest and conviction for third-degree murder. Carrie Nelson Carrie Nelson, 20, was murdered in 2001 in Blue Mounds State Park in Luverne. Advances in DNA testing capabilities linked Randy Swaney to the crime and helped lead to his conviction.





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