Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee

Setting a vision for juvenile justice in Minnesota


​JJAC Annual Reports

The Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee submits an annual report to the Governor and legislature highlighting current trends and making recommendations to improve Minnesota's juvenile justice system. 

2020 JJAC Annual Report​

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Juvenile Justice Resources and Data Analysis

The ​Minnesota Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) collects juvenile justice data and analyzes trends affecting Minnesota youth.  Juvenile justice data published by the SAC: 

Juvenile Justice Resources

Snapshots on Minnesota Youth - a juvenile data analysis newsletter

The SAC Juvenile Justice Analyst collaborates with other youth-serving State agencies to produce the online newsletter, Snapshots on Minnesota Youth.  Recent issues analyze how the Minnesota juvenile justice system compares to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Youth Juvenile Justice Reports

Juvenile Diversions in Minnesota

The 2012 report Minnesota Juvenile Diversion: A Summary of Statewide Practices and Programming report gathers information about county attorney level juvenile diversion programs required under Minnesota Statute § 388.24. This report contains summary tables of information gathered during interviews with at least one diversion provider in all 87 counties, including information on diversion program eligibility, completion requirements, numbers served, educational components, legal protections and other aspects of service delivery. This report is modeled after the MacArthur Foundation’s Models for Change Initiative: Juvenile Diversion Guidebook which outlines 16 steps for planning diversion programs. The degree to which Minnesota utilizes best practices in diversion programming is explored and recommendations are made to improve the quality and consistency of diversion across jurisdictions.

Council on Crime and Justice Report on Juvenile Records- January 2014

The Council and Crime and Justice has created this report, Juvenile Records in Minnesota, that provides a detailed description of how Minnesota juvenile records are created, maintained, and accessed; it describes when juvenile records are public and when they are private; and it both identifies and defines the many collateral consequences – legal disabilities and practical barriers – that an individual with a juvenile record may face as they grow into adulthood.  The report was created with input from professionals in the field, and funded by the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act through the Minnesota Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee and Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Justice Programs.

Juvenile Justice 21 Report

Youth in Correctional Facilities, Responses to the 2010 Minnesota Student Survey

April 2012 |  SAC Youth Juvenile Justice Reports

The SAC has completed three reports comparing youth in correctional facilities to mainstream youth.  

The Federal Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act vs. Minnesota Statutes and Rules of Juvenile Procedure

December 2010 | Download the Report (50 pp)

The federal Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act requires that participating states provide youth involved in the juvenile justice system certain core protections. Three of these protections are related to whether and when youth can be detained in secure facilities, and how long they may be held. This publication explores the requirements of the federal act related to detaining juveniles and compares them directly to Minnesota statutes and rules of procedure.  This report is intended to illuminate for policymakers where Minnesota’s laws are in concert with, or in conflict with, the federal act. Steps to bring Minnesota policies into full compliance with the federal act are named.  

Juvenile Justice System Decision Points Study: Strategies to Improve Minnesota's Juvenile Justice Data

February 2010 | Download the Report (132 pp)

The Minnesota Legislature required the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Information Policy Group to complete a study on the feasibility of collecting and reporting summary data relating to the decisions that affect a child's status within the juvenile justice system. The Office of Justice Programs SAC facilitated a work group of over 50 representatives to complete this legislative mandate. This report offers suggestions on how to improve Minnesota's juvenile justice data.