Standards for Peace Officer Eligibility


Anyone interested in becoming a Minnesota peace officers must meet standards for admission to a board-certified Professional Peace Officer Education (PPOE) Program as well as standards for license eligibility.

Standards for Admission into a certified PPOE Program minimally include:

  • Passing a psychological evaluation to determine the candidate is not a danger to self or others during participation in courses that are mentally, physically and psychologically challenging,

  • Passing a criminal history screening to determine the candidate has not been convicted of a crime that is a bar to licensure according to the Minimum Selection Standards, MN Rules 6700.0700, Subp.1, E. or F., and

  • Pass a medical screening and a physical fitness test.

Schools can also have additional standards for admission. For the admission standards of a particular school contact the school’s PPOE coordinator.

Note: U.S. Citizenship is not required for admission to the PPOE but is required for peace officer licensure.

Standards for Peace Officer License Eligibility and Employment

Minnesota Rules 6700.0700, sets minimum standards for peace officer license eligibility. These standards go beyond those required for enrollment into peace officer education. There are also Rules that set standards of conduct for licensed peace officers.  Go to the following links for more information.

Minimum Selection Standards for Peace Officer License Eligibility [Minn Rules 6700.0700]

Standards of Conduct for Licensed Peace Officers [Minn Rules 6700.1500]