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Types of Exams

The POST Board administers various licensing exams to eligible candidates. Be sure you are clear about which exam you need to take.
The Peace Office Licensing Exam is the basic exam given to students who complete the college Professional Peace Officer Education (PPOE) program. First-time exam candidates may apply for this exam online, or obtain a written application from their PPOE coordinator. This exam is administered six times throughout the year. See licensing exam schedule for a list of dates. Passing this exam makes you eligible for a peace office license for three years.
The Reinstatement of License Eligibility Exam is administered to individuals whose license eligibility has expired (three years after passing the Peace Officer Licensing Exam) This exam is administered only at the POST Board office. If you wish to reinstate your license eligibility, please contact the POST Board office for  the necessary form.
The License Restoration Exam is administered to individuals whose peace office license has been expired more than three years. Please contact the POST Board for an application.
The POST Board also administers a Reciprocity Licensing Exam to experienced officers from other states, and from some federal and military police backgrounds.

Applying Online for an exam – IMPORTANT

At this time, you can apply for an exam online ONLY if you are taking the Peace Officer Licensing Exam for the first time.  Retakes, Reinstatement of Eligibility, Reciprocity and License Restoration applications must be submitted by printed copy with a check or money order.   If you have ever previously taken the Peace Officer Licensing Exam, whether you passed or failed it, you cannot apply online. Contact the exam coordinator if you have questions about which exam you should take or if you need an application.