Peace Officer Licensing Examination

​The Peace Officer Licensing Exam is administered to individuals who possess a post-secondary degree from a regionally accredited college or university and successfully complete a Minnesota Professional Peace Officer Education (PPOE) program from a POST Board certified school.

For a list of POST Board certified colleges and universities see the PPOE Directory on the Becoming an Officer page.

Applicants should contact their PPOE coordinator if they intend to take this exam. The coordinator must submit a certification of completion document to the POST Board on behalf of the applicant before the applicant can take the exam. Upon approval, the applicant will create an online account and apply for the exam using the Minnesota E-Licensing process. See Online Services. Alternately, the coordinator can provide applicants with a paper application for the licensing exam that is then mailed to the POST Board.

Applicants who failed the exam on a previous attempt, will have received a retake application with a letter from the POST Board. The PPOE coordinator must sign/approve the retake application after the applicant has consulted with him or her. The retake application is also available on this website.

Applicants should not apply for the Peace Officer Licensing Examination if they have passed the exam at some point in the past. If the applicant passed the exam more than three years ago but was never licensed, they must apply for the Reinstatement Exam.