​​​​​​​​Officer Change Forms

Renewal Form​​​​​

  • ​License Renewal Packet (pdf​)

***For all renewal applications: Please note that we have updated​ our renewal to be one form, please complete the above form in accordance to your lice​nse type.​

Training Forms​

  • Continuing Education Training Application (pd​f
Use the Continuing Education Training Application to submit a course for Board approval. Check the CEU box if you have already completed that course.​
  • New Training Instructor Application (p​df) ​
Use the New Training Instructor Application along with the form above to submit instructor details, or to add a new instructor to a course that has already been approved by the Board.

Extra Forms

  • ​Affidavits of Training (Excel​)​​

  • Informed Consent Renewal Form (for license renewals only) (pdf​) (word doc)

  • Informed Consent Form Template for BCA/FBI Background Check​ (word doc)

  • Worker's Compensation Form (pdf​​)

  • Complaint Form (pdf)

  • Application Request Form *to download and open with Adobe, right click and choose "save as", this allows you to submit the form via email!*​ (pdf​)​