What's New?

Current Situation

​Our office has received numerous calls regarding reciprocity between states for providing security services. All offers and inquiries of assistance are appreciated. At this time, all Minnesota Statutes and Administrative Rules that govern private security and private investigations in Minnesota are still in place. Currently there has been no change to the requirements for licensure and the process for hiring employees within Minnesota. Any changes to these requirements would have to come from an Executive Order signed by the Governor, outlining any changes made to statutes. Shall any changes be made, we will post them here on our website. There is currently no reciprocity in place for out of state entities. Please refer to our licensure requirements under the ‘Statutes’ and ‘Rules’ pages of our website​.

Our Response to COVID-19

We at the Minnesota Board of Private Detective and Protective Agent Services want to ensure you all that we have a Continuity of Operations plan and are able to keep the agen​cy functioning, at a limited capacity. Our agency staff is working remotely and will have access to their emails, altho​ugh email r​esponses may be delayed. We are actively working to establish temporary, remote phone numbers which our staff can be reached at during th​is time period. If you have any questions during this time, you may direct them to our general email line, mn.pdb@state.mn.us. Agency staff has access to this email and can respond to your inquiries. We are working towards safety and efficiency throughout the Investigative and Security industry as this fluid situation progresses. As an agency, we are doing what we can to limit the burden on this industry. We appreciate your continued cooperation throughout this time. Thank you!  

If you have any questions regarding our agency and what COVID-19 may be effecting, please re​fer to our "COVID-19 Updates" page to read up on all of our updates.

Upcoming Board Meetings

Monthly meetings are available for attendance in-person or remotely via WebEx. For more information on meeting details, and information on how to attend meetings remotely, please visit the Board Meetings page here​. If you have any questions or wish to attend a meeting, please contact staff. 


The mission of the Private Detective and Protective Agent Services Board is to ensure investigative and security service practitioners meet statutory qualifications and training for licensure, and maintain standards set forth in Minnesota Statutes and Administrative Rules.

The Board is a five-member panel, comprised of one licensed private detective, one licensed protective agent, one law enforcement representative, and two public members. The Board oversees more than 300 investigative and security license holders. Growth of these services can be seen in the increase in new licensees, along with the reissuance of well over 100 licenses annually.

The increased use and visibility of these services contribute to the safety and protection of people and property. The Board monitors, educates and disciplines lice​nse holders, using its authority to ensure statute; rules and standards are being met. The Board identifies concerns regarding the changes in government public safety efforts and these privately provided services.

Please see here our Board Affirmative Action Plan​