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Permit to Carry Reciprocity

Minnesota permit holders who plan to visit another state, and who also wish to carry a concealed firearm while visiting that state, are urged to contact that state before traveling. This will allow Minnesota permit holders to determine all restrictions or prohibitions regarding the carrying of concealed firearms in those states, as well as their laws regarding firearms and weapons in general. Most of these states have web pages dedicated to this subject. State firearm laws and reciprocal agreements may change frequently, and are also subject to court interpretation. 
Information contained on this page is not to be considered legal advice. Always contact an attorney licensed to practice law in your state for any legal advice.

States With Laws NOT Substantially Similar to Minnesota

On an annual basis, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety is directed to establish and publish an online Internet listing of states which have handgun carry permit laws that are not substantially similar to Minnesota’s law under Minnesota Session Laws 2003, Chapter 28, Article 2 Section 21, Minn. Stat. 624.714 Subd. 16. The department has determined that laws of the following states are not substantially similar to Minnesota (or have no handgun permit provisions) and are not valid in Minnesota:
Alabama ​Florida ​Maine ​New Jersey ​South Carolina
​Arizona ​Georgia ​Maryland ​New York ​South Dakota
​California ​Hawaii ​Massachusetts ​North Carolina ​Vermont
​Colorado ​Idaho ​Mississippi ​North Dakota ​Virginia
​Connecticut ​Illinois ​Montana ​Oregon ​Washington
​Delaware ​Indiana ​Nebraska ​Pennsylvania ​West Virginia
​District of Columbia ​Iowa ​New Hampshire ​Rhode Island ​Wisconsin

Out of State Permits Valid in Minnesota

Minnesota laws authorize individuals holding gun permits from the following states to carry in Minnesota:
​Alaska ​Kentucky ​Missouri ​Ohio ​Texas
​Arkansas ​Louisiana ​New Mexico ​Oklahoma ​Utah
​Kansas ​Michigan ​Nevada ​Tennessee ​Wyoming
Please note that the permit issued by your state does not supersede Minnesota's laws or regulations. Legal conduct in your state may not be legal in Minnesota.