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Human Trafficking

​Human trafficking is the sale of a person for the purpose of sexual acts or forced labor, defined by Minnesota law as:

  • Sex trafficking – receiving, recruiting, enticing, harboring, providing, or obtaining by any means an individual to aid in the prostitution of the individual; or receiving profit or anything of value, knowing or having reason to know it is derived from an act (of sex trafficking).
  • Labor trafficking – recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, enticement, provision, obtaining, or receipt of a person by any means, for the purpose of debt bondage or forced labor or services; slavery or practices similar to slavery; removal of organs through the use of coercion or intimidation; or receiving profit or anything of value, knowing or having reason to know it is derived from an act (of labor trafficking).

​Report suspected human trafficking

  • If you or someone you know is in immediate danger of being trafficked, call 911.
  • To report a suspected trafficking situation, call the BCA at 1-877-996-6222 or email bca.tips@state.mn.us.

Victim survivor resources

Help is available for victim survivors of human trafficking.

  • Safe Harbor Minnesota connects trafficking victim survivors with support services available in your region.
  • The Day One Crisis Line can assist victim survivors in locating resources across Minnesota, 1-866-223-1111.

​​Signs of possible trafficking

Trafficking situations can be difficult to recognize because it is most often a combination of indicators, some of which are listed below. Remember, it's better to report suspected trafficking and be wrong than to ignore it and be right.

  • Withdrawn, afraid to talk, communication is censored
  • Not attending school on a regular basis 
  • Unexplained new clothing, money, jewelry ​
  • Branding (tattoos of a crown, the word “daddy,” etc.)
  • Explicitly sexual social media profile image
  • Involved in a relationship with an older man or woman
  • History of running away or homelessness​
  • Little/no eye contact
  • Inconsistent story
  • Drug addition
  • Many others…

Learn about some of the myths of trafficking.

Learn about how traffickers control their victims.

In addition to operating the National Human Trafficking Hotline, the Polaris Project provides human trafficking statistics.​​

Human Trafficking Investigators Task Force

The Human Trafficking Investigators Task Force is led by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and includes investigators from St. Paul and Minneapolis police departments, Anoka and Hennepin County sheriff's offices, Homeland Security Investigations and the Ramsey County Attorney's Office.

Task force members work in partnership with more than two dozen affiliate agencies to assist local, state and federal criminal justice organizations to identify incidents of human trafficking and apprehend and aid in the prosecution of those who commit such crimes.

Criminal justice agency resources

Task force members and investigators from affiliate agencies are specially trained to investigate human trafficking crimes. Contact the BCA at 651-793-7000 for assistance with a human trafficking investigation in your jurisdiction.

BCA Training and Auditing also provides advanced training and support to local agency personnel. View the current training catalogue.