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Criminal Justice Data Reporting

​​Minnesota Offense Codes (MOC)

Supplemental Forms

All Minnesota law enforcement agencies must submit reports to the BCA using the Supplemental Reporting System (SRS) application. The forms below are available to create these reports. Agencies may keep paper copies for internal use, however, they should not be mailed, faxed or emailed to the BCA. Reports should only be submitted to the BCA using the SRS application.

Minnesota Crime Data Explorer

Use the Minnesota Crime Data Explorer to obtain information about criminal activity and other information reported by local law enforcement agencies to meet Minnesota and federal reporting requirements.

The Minnesota Crime Data Explorer currently contains information on law enforcement use-of-force, firearms discharges and agency reporting information. More data will be added in the coming year.

Uniform Crime Reports

The BCA compiles a statistical report each year detailing the amount of criminal activity in the state. The data for this report is submitted by individual law enforcement agencies. The report includes offenses, clearances and arrests, as well as the number of law enforcement officers killed or assaulted, firearms discharges by law enforcement, missing childre​n reports, police pursuits and bias offenses. Limited information is also available on law enforcement personnel.​

If you are looking for Uniform Crime Reports or Statewide Summaries prior to 2014, a copy may be available at the Minnesota Historical Society via the Gale Family Library. A copy may also be available at the Legislative Reference Library. Contact these organizations for more information on what is in each collection.