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Use-of-Deadly Force Case Files

​​​​​Release of Evidence

The BCA releases information about its investigation when it is legally able to do so and when it will not hurt the integrity of the investigation. Minnesota statute 13.82 is the primary statute that identifies what information is public and when it is public. Most information becomes public when the case is closed. This happens when all court proceedings have finished or if the ​prosecutor decides against pressing charges.

The BCA provides information from the case file to the parties involved in the incident – or, if they are deceased, to their family – before releasing it to the public.

The BCA has updated its procedure for posting Use-of-Deadly Force case files. The agency will now post files in sections as each one clears the redaction process, rather than waiting until the entire file is redacted to post it to the website. This will allow the public to see information about these cases more quickly. We appreciate patience as we work through what is often a lengthy and resource-intensive redaction process.

People who access these files are asked to use caution. The contents might be disturbing to some.​​

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