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commercial driver license medical self-certification

Starting January 30, 2012, if you are renewing a Minnesota commercial driver’s license (CDL) or are applying for a Minnesota CDL, you will need to certify the following information with Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS):
  • The type of driving you are engaged in (interstate or intrastate) and 
  • Whether you are subject to or exempt from the medical examination requirements of 49 CFR part 391 or Minnesota Statutes, chapter 221
The Commercial Driver License Medical Self-Certification Form must be completed and if you certify that you are subject to medical examination requirements, you must provide a copy of your valid medical examiner’s certificate and any required waiver.

Important Note:

As of July 27, 2015 DVS is working on processing medical certificate documents received on approximately July 22, 2015
Faxed and mailed medical certificate documents are received daily and DVS processes requests in the order in which they are received.
To check the status of your license, visit: Check Driver’s License Status.


What you need to know:

  • The self-certification requirement goes into effect on January 30, 2012
  • Applies to drivers applying for, renewing, upgrading or replacing a commercial driver’s license, class A, B or C 
  • As a commercial driver, if there is a change in your medical status or interstate/intrastate status, you must provide DVS with a new self-certification form (PS33203), and if necessary new medical examination documents
  • The valid medical examination certificate must be kept current, regardless of a valid CDL
  • The self-certification is required by Minnesota statutes and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
    Reference: Minnesota Statutes, sections 171.162, 221.031 and 221.0314, and 49 CFR 383.71 and 383.73.