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Motor Carrier - HazMat Endorsement


Anyone who transports material found to be hazardous and that requires the motor vehicle to be placarded under Code of Federal Regulations, title 49, parts 100-180 (see links below for additional information) must have a Hazardous Materials Endorsement (HME). In order to have a Hazardous Materials Endorsement (HME) a Federal TSA background check is required under Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49, part 1572.



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Driver Services DVS.driverslicense@state.mn.us


Prorate: (651) 297-2005
Commercial Driver’s License: (651) 297-5029
Commercial DL Disqualification: (651) 205-4086
Driver’s Licenses: (651) 297-3298
Schedule a Skills (Road) Test: (651) 284-1000 or online
Driver’s License Status: (651) 284-2000 or online
Office Locations: (651) 297-2005
Assistance for Hearing Impaired Callers (TDD/TTY): (651) 282-6555