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Motor Vehicle Forms, Documents and Tax Manual

Motor Vehicle Forms

​PS2000 Application to Title and Register a Motor Vehicle
​PS2002 Statement of Facts
​PS2005 Application for Disability Parking Certificate
PS2010 Application for Special Plates
​PS2010B Self-Certification for Volunteer Ambulance Attendant Plates (Addendum to PS2010)
PS2013 Gold Star Family Plate Application
PS2015 Declaration of Reconstruction/Special Assembly
PS2017 Lien: Notification of Assignment – Release or Grant of Secured Interest
​PS2019 Lessee Designation
PS2024 Affidavit of Repossession/Title Application
PS2025 Affidavit to Correct the Ownership Record of a Motor Vehicle
PS2025 Application for Corrected Title/Odometer
PS2027 & PS2028​ Manufactured Homes Unaffixed from Real Property
Forms Packet (Affidavit of Severance and Attorney Opinion)​
PS2041 Application for Special Registration Plates
​PS2067A Application for Duplicate Title, Registration, Cab or Lien Card
PS2067B Application for Duplicate Plates and/or Stickers
PS2071 Assignment of a Vehicle to a Surviving Spouse/Not Subject to Probate
PS2080A Motor Vehicle Sales Tax Affidavit (Declaration)
PS2511 Claim for Motor Vehicle Refund
PS31125 Request for Administrative Review of License Plate Impoundment Order/Request to Approve Sale of Vehicle Subject to License Plate Impoundment
PS2725 ​​Manufactured Home Notice of Surrender Form
PS2726 Manufactured Home Notice of Security Interest
PS31300 Victim of Identity Theft Form
PS33202 Private Data Request Form
Disability Plate – Second Set Questionnaire
Inter & Intra Agency Payment Form
Inter & Intra Agency Payment Instructions
Certification Checklist Off-Highway Motorcycle
Schedule of Vehicle Inspections


Motor Vehicle Documents

Buying or Selling a Motor Vehicle – Just the Facts
Duplicate Titles and Duplicate Stickers – Just the Facts
No Record of Ownership – Just the Facts
Salvage and Branding – Just the Facts
New Minnesota Resident - Just the Facts
Expedited Service (Fast Track) - Just the Facts
Family of Deceased - Just the Facts
Restored Pioneer - Just the Facts
​Motor Vehicle Sales Tax
Motor Vehicle Leases
Off-Highway Motorcycles FAQ
​MV County Report 2014
MV County Report 2013
MV County Report 2012​
MV County Report 2011
MV County Report 2010
MV County Report 2009
MV County Report 2008
MV County Report 2007
MV County Report 2006
MV County Report 2005
Auto Insurance Information
Customer Service Incident Report


Motor Vehicle Tax Manual

Tax Manual 2015 and 2014
Tax Manual - Introduction 2015 and 2014
Tax Manual - January 2015 and 2014
Tax Manual - February 2015 and 2014
Tax Manual - March 2015 and 2014
Tax Manual - April 2015 and 2014
Tax Manual - May 2015 and 2014
Tax Manual - June 2015 and 2014
Tax Manual - July 2015 and 2014
Tax Manual - August 2015 and 2014
Tax Manual - September 2015 and 2014
Tax Manual - October 2015 and 2014
Tax Manual - November 2015 and 2014
Tax Manual - December 2015 and 2014
Tax Manual - Miscellaneous 2015 and 2014
Tax Manual - Monthly Increment 2015 and 2014
Tax Manual - Calendar Year Base Value Chart 2014, 2015, and 2016