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Records Forms

​​​PS2502Record Request Form
PS2502Multiple Record Supplement Form
PS2503Crash Record Request Form
PS2506​​ Grant Access to Record Authorization Form
​PS31300Victim of Identity Theft Form
PS33202DL Driver License ​Private D​ata Reque​st Form
PS33202MVMotor Vehicle Private Data Request Form
Records Request Packet (This packet includes all the forms that can be used to request a record)​
Customer Service Incident Report

Audit Request Form (11/2021)

(Request an audit on access of your driver's license or motor vehicle information)

Due to the high number of requests, it may take 2-3 weeks to return the data to you. 

There are two access points for law enforcement to obtain driver’s license and motor vehicle records.  The data that you will receive from DVS are queries made through the secure website.  Law enforcement also has access through the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA).  If you wish to request private data about yourself from BCA, complete and submit the Data Request by Data Subject - Minnesota to the BCA. Learn more about your data rights.