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Driver and Vehicle Services

A Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety


​​compassDriver and Vehicle Services offers services at locations throughout the state. Select a link below to view a map of Driver Education course locations, PDFs with lists of Driver Education courses, and an interactive map to search Office Locations by driver’s license or vehicle-related services in Minnesota.​

  • Office Locations - Search for exam stations offering knowledge (written) tests & road tests, motor vehicle & driver's license offices by location and services

  • Vehicle Inspections Sites - Find office locations offering vehicle inspection services​

  • Driver Education Courses - Public and Private School Driver Education Programs, Licensed Driver Training Schools, Motorcycle Training, Accident Prevention Courses (+55), DWI/DIC Clinics, Licensed Truck Driver Training

  • Vehicle Registration Kiosks -​ Search for kiosk locations. Kiosks are placed in convenient areas, making accessing registration renewals quick and easy.​ Kiosks are a partnership with Intellectual Technology, Inc.  For more information visit https://minnesotadvsnow.com.