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CLEC 911 Plan Templates


CLEC 911 Plans

Minnesota Administrative Rules 7811and 7812 require all Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC) to have Public Utilities Commission (PUC) approval of a 911 Plan before the CLEC is authorized to start offering local telephone service. After the CLEC receives PUC approval to start offering the service the company is required to file an initial 911 plan and updates as outlined by ECN.

CLEC Definition

The Emergency Communication Networks division defines a CLEC as all competitive local exchange carriers, i.e. all telecommunications carriers and telephone companies utilizing facilities based networks to deliver 911 calls, VoIP service providers whether nomadic or fixed interconnected utilizing either their own facilities, VPCs, or interconnecting with other carriers, and service resellers utilizing other underlying carriers. Each CLEC shall have filed an application with the State of Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) for a “certificate of authority” and shall have been approved by the PUC authorizing them to do business in Minnesota.  In addition, each CLEC shall have applied for and have received a NENA ID which shall be displayed at the PSAP at the time of the delivery of a 911 call for service.


911 Service Agreements

Facilities-based CLEC and Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILEC) are required to have 911 service agreements completed with the Department of Public Safety-Emergency Communication Networks.  These agreements may be 1 year or several years in length, or may possibly be month-to-month agreements.  Most yearly agreements revert to a month-to-month basis should they expire prior to full revision or renewal and all components of the yearly agreements remain unless Letters of Authorization (LOAs) have been issued to the carrier authorizing a change to the agreed upon components of the original agreement..


911 network and ALI data base standards are available and referenced in the CLEC templates and a CLEC is required to adhere to each.  For services in the metro, the Metropolitan Emergency Services Board (MESB) 911 network and ALI database standards continue to apply and continue to be part of the Addendum A for the CLEC Facilities-Based 911 Plan.

Annual CLEC 911 Plan Updates

A CLEC may file 911 Plan annual updates anytime starting January 1, or when the DPS-ECN plan templates’ most current revision appears on the ECN website, whichever comes first.  The update must be sent to the ECN CLEC plan repository email box no later than June 1.  As outlined in the 2016 CLEC 911 Plan Both template all CLECs must file a 2016 plan.  However, following this initial plan should no changes occur to the plan for 4 years a “No Change” one-page template letter shall be submitted and a full plan shall be refreshed and executed in the 5th year.  The 2016 plan templates outline how this will occur.

9 County Metro PSAP Contact:

Anoka, Carver, Chisago, Dakota/DCC, Hennepin, Isanti, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington

Contact:  Pete Eggimann, 651-643-8377,


CLEC 911 Plan Templates


The current CLEC 911 plan template which all CLECs must complete is downloaded here  911 CLEC Plan Both

Instructions for the CLEC 911 Plan Both template, which all CLECs must complete, is downloaded here Minnesota 911 CLEC Plan Instructions

The process for ECN review, and MESB if required, are contained in the Instructions document.  The eDocket filing timing is also outlined in the Instructions.


For more information contact
David Denton
911 Program Analyst 3
(651) 201-7555