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New State Emergency Operations Center Proposal

When a major disaster strikes in Minnesota, the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) helps coordinate the response to assist Minnesota’s local communities on their worst of days. The current SEOC in St. Paul is lacking space, an ideal location and the latest technology, which could put the state’s response capabilities at risk.

That’s why Governor Mark Dayton is again, proposing a $33.3 million dollars for a new facility to house the SEOC as part of his Job’s Bill. The SEOC is where Homeland Security and Emergency Management staff, along with other state agencies, coordinate during disasters and emergencies.

Go behind-the-scenes of an exercise at the SEOC in our Mic’d Up video series.


About the SEOC

DPS staff during response to a state emergency in the SEOC


Minnesota’s State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) activates during times of disaster or emergency. It serves as the hub for state agencies and their partners to support local governments and coordinate response efforts. Having an efficient and effective facility is key to successful emergency and disaster response. Lawmakers are now considering a $33 million bonding proposal which would build a new SEOC to replace the outdated one in downtown St. Paul.


Featured Video

Video Description: This video shows what happens behind the scenes during an exercise in the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC). It’s the first in series of videos, taking viewers inside the different divisions of the Department of Public Safety.