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​​​Severe Weather Awareness Week is April 8 - 12, 2024

During this week, the Department of Public Safety and the National Weather Service will be promoting severe weather safety and emergency preparedness information.

This is the perfect time for families, communities, schools and local businesses to review and talk about their emergency plans and how they can prepare for the upcoming severe weather season.

Each day of the week highlights an important seasonal weather safety topic.

Downloa​d the 2024 Severe Weather Awareness Week fact sheet.​​

Promote Emergency Preparedness in Your Community!

  • Host community preparedness activities.
  • Ask local businesses about their emergency plans.
  • Host a preparedness and health fair.
  • Start a local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).
  • Meet with homeowner associations to discuss emergency plans.
  • Post Facebook articles and photos about preparedness activities.
  • Send tweets with preparedness tips.
  • Teach preparedness classes at local schools.

Specific information about these topics, including fact sheets, checklists, data and other resources, is provided on the HSEM Weather Safety and National Weather Service websites.