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Winter Hazard Awareness Week 2015

Don’t let the beautiful fall days make you forget – winter in Minnesota is on the way!
To help everyone get ready for the season, DPS-HSEM sponsors Winter Hazard Awareness Week to inform and remind people in Minnesota about the most common hazards associated with winter and some practical tips on how to avoid them. 
Each day of the week is focused on a specific topic of discussion: Weather, Outdoor Safety, Indoor Safety, Fire Safety and Winter Driving.
Citizens, local professionals and volunteers can use these resources to engage their fellow citizens and local media to focus on these hazards any time to help ensure everyone has a safe and warm winter season.


  • Monday, November 9:
Winter Weather Overview – Ice storms, blizzards, sub-zero temperatures, winter weather watches and warnings and wind-chill 
  • Tuesday, November 10:
Outdoor Winter Safety – Safety on ice, snowmobile safety, hypothermia and frostbite 
  • Wednesday, November 11:
Winter Fire Safety – Winter and holiday fire safety, alternative heat sources, smoke detectors, cooking safety, candle and decorations 
  • Thursday, November 12:
 Indoor Winter Safety – Carbon monoxide, radon, mold and general home care 
  • Friday, November 13:
 Winter Driving – auto safety, snowplows, road conditions, using 5-1-1, winter driving tips, car survival kits.