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Winter Hazard Awareness Week

winter-hazard-awareness-week.jpgNovember 9 - 13, 2015

To help Minnesota residents minimize risks and mitigate the hazards of winter, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety — in collaboration with the National Weather Service and other state, federal and non-profit agencies — sponsors “Winter Hazard Awareness Week” each fall to educate, inform, remind and reinforce the behaviors that lead to a warm, safe and enjoyable winter season.

The event includes a media campaign, literature and other informational materials. The week-long educational campaign targets specific information each day that can be used in conjunction with school, church, or civic programs.

Monday, November 9:    Winter Storms

Tuesday, November 10:   Outdoor Winter Safety

Wednesday, November 11:   Winter Fire Safety

Thursday, November 12:  Indoor Winter Safety

Friday, November 13:   Winter Driving