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​​​​​​​​​WHAT WE DO... 

The State Patrol Commercial Vehicle Section is comprised of civilian commercial vehicle inspectors and state troopers working in cooperation to conduct commercial vehicle safety inspections and weighing at highway weigh stations and roadside locations throughout the state. Under the Commercial Vehicle Section, the Office of Pupil Transportation Safety is responsible for performing periodic and random inspections of school buses operated in the state. Commercial Vehicle Section personnel also facilitate training and outreach programs to inform drivers and carriers of rules and regulations, including certifying technicians and mechanics to perform annual inspections under the state's Mandatory Inspection Program.

Commercial Vehicle Pre-trip Inspection Video 

As a professional commercial driver, one of the most essential functions of your day is conducting a proper pre- and post-trip inspection. Failure to take the time to complete a pre-trip inspection could result in dangerous situations for both you the driver and the motoring public. This instructional video walks you through the steps of conducting a thorough inspection, ensuring your truck and trailer are in safe operating condition and prepared for the road ahead.


Truck Platooning 

Truck platooning allows up to three trucks linked by a computer system to travel together. The system communicates with the trucks to align speed, acceleration and braking. Drivers steer, watch the system, and intervene when needed. Truck platooning reduces fuel use and pollution, reduces crashes, and increases traffic flow.

Interested parties must submit a truck platooning plan to the Minnesota Department of Transportation for review and approval prior to operating a truck platoon on Minnesota roadways. Find out more…​


Pilot/Escort Certification/Reciprocity 

See our Training and Outreach page for more information about Pilot/Escort Vehicle Driver Training.

Policies Related to CMV Enforcement

General Order 25-006 - Commercial Vehicle Enforcement and North American Inspection Program​​

US District Court - District of Minn. Civil No. 09-1116 (DWF/LIB)  OOIDA v. Mark Dunaski - Order for Declaratory Relief, Injunction, and Entry of Judgment

Public Notice of Title VI Program Rights

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety gives public notice of its policy to uphold and assure full compliance with the non-discrimination requirements of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related non-discrimination authorities. Read more... 

Public Notice of Enforcement Practices Related to Commercial Vehicle Driver Impairment Due to Illness and/or Fatigue

The Minnesota State Patrol will conduct inspections at roadside, fixed scales, and other inspection sites to detect ill and/or fatigued drivers of commercial motor vehicles consistent with applicable state statutes, federal regulations, and appropriate law enforcement practices. These inspections will be conducted as part of a proactive commercial vehicle enforcement program intended to promote safe travel and to deter the unsafe operation of commercial motor vehicles on Minnesota’s roadways.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety gives public notice of its policy to ensure these operations are conducted within legal requirements and members are utilizing appropriate enforcement practices (and in accordance with the Minnesota Federal Civil Case 09-1116 (Owner-Operator Independent Driver Association, Inc. v. MN State Patrol.))