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Narcotic and Violent Crime Enforcement Teams

This funding supports the integration of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and prosecutors to effectively address violent crime.  Enforcement teams enhance interagency coordination and information sharing to facilitate investigations targeting narcotics and related violent crime, as well as other criminal activity that finances gangs and other criminal enterprises.  In addition to their investigation and prosecution duties, enforcement teams spend a significant amount of time on prevention activities and particularly educating citizens about gang and drugs. 
For calendar year 2012, the task forces reported:
  • 7,138 active investigations
  • 3,903 arrests (84% felonies)
  • 1,922 search warrants executed and 426 consent  searches
  • 867 weapons seized
  • 27 meth labs discovered
  • 470 prevention presentations for community groups attended by more 16,799 people 
  • Task force investigators attended 813 training courses for a total of 10,958 POST hours.

Task forces also report the following drug enforcement trends:

  • Increase in quantity and purity of heroin seized
  • Increase in overdose emergencies and deaths
  • Increase in unlawful use and sales of prescription drugs, especially opiates
  • Dramatic increase in use of synthetic drugs and the challenge of adapting law to constantly changing chemical formulas
  • inappropriate use of methadone
  • Increase in packaged marijuana transported from California, Washington and Colorado

 ​The 2010, the Minnesota Legislature established the Violent Crime Coordinating Council to provide guidance related to the investigation and prosecution of gang crime, drug crime and related violent crime. The Council is composed of 19 voting members that represent federal, state and local law enforcement and prosecution agencies and includes four citizen members. The council provides direction and oversight to the multijurisdictional task forces and enforcement teams located throughout the state.  This new council replaced the Gang and Drug Oversight Council that had been in existence since 2005.

  • Violent Crime Coordinating Council

  • 2011 Task Force Annual Report

  • 2012 VCET Map 

    For more information contact:
    Kristin Lail, 651-201-7322


    Drug Disposal information  

    The Office of Justice Programs is working with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) the 3M Corporation to coordinate destruction of seized controlled substances. See the BCA appointment form below for more information: 

    For more information on managing waste at law enforcement agencies, please visit the Pollution Control Agency.

    For more information contact:
    Brian Marquart - 651-201-7338