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Office of Justice Programs

A Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Violent Crime Enforcement Teams


This state and federally funded program authorized under Minnesota Statutes 299A.642 was created to provide funding and guidance for the operation of multijurisdictional task forces that address narcotics, gang and related violent crime. The goal is to increase the identification and arrest of serious law violators and enhance the amount of law enforcement expertise available statewide for complex investigations that cross jurisdictional boundaries. There are currently twenty-one funded task forces that span seventy counties. The task forces are staffed by over 200 investigators from over 120 agencies.

To coordinate and oversee these multijurisdictional entities, the 2010 Minnesota Legislature established the Violent Crime Coordinating Council (VCCC) to provide guidance related to the investigation and prosecution of gang and drug crime. The VCCC provides direction and oversight to the multijurisdictional task forces and enforcement teams located throughout the state. The VCCC works closely with the Commissioner of Public Safety and is charged with additional responsibilities governing the operation of multijurisdictional VCETs.

Program Activities and Outcomes

 Each VCET provides extensive data and narrative reports on a quarterly basis.  This information assists the department in allocating funds and analyzing drug and violent crime trends throughout the state.  Select VCET activities and reported data for 2014 and 2018 follow: 
Activity​ 2014​ 2018​
​Total number of drug arrests ​3,434 ​3,077
Number of 5th degree marijuana cases with firearm​ ​104 ​118
Total number of non-drug arrests​ ​774 ​1121
Percentage of violent crimes (Part 1)​ ​13% ​19%
Number of arrests involving heroin ​ ​336 ​340
​Number of arrests involving methamphetamine ​2004 ​1,894
​Number of arrests involving marijuana & concentrates ​997 ​923
​Number of arrests involving prescription drugs ​647 ​310
​Number of children removed during arrest ​386 ​342
​Number of guns seized ​828 ​996
​Amount of heroin seized (grams) ​5,584 ​11,344
​Amount of meth seized (grams) ​101,374 ​519,797
​Amount of marijuana & concentrates seized (grams) 597,389 ​1,288,492
​Amount of prescription drugs seized (dosage units) ​18,398 ​16,513
​Number of cases coordinated with other agencies ​1,571 ​1,779
​Number of community presentations given   ​437 ​478
​Number of people in attendance at community meetings ​19,164 ​17,835

For more information contact:
Kristin Lail, 651-201-7322


Drug Disposal information  

The Office of Justice Programs is working with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) the 3M Corporation to coordinate destruction of seized controlled substances. See the BCA appointment form below for more information: 

For more information on managing waste at law enforcement agencies, please visit the Pollution Control Agency.

For more information contact:
Brian Marquart, 651-201-7338