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Impact Stories

Eight Seconds: One Fatal Distraction

It’s a story about eight seconds that forever changed the lives of two families. Eight seconds a distracted driver wishes he could take back.

Joe's Story

Joe Tikalsky was getting his newspaper when a distracted driver hit him in October 2015. Now, his wife of 53 years must live her final years alone.

Megan's Story

Megan Goeltz, a mother and certified nursing assistant, was at a stop sign in February 2016 when she was hit and killed by a driver, who her family says was distracted by a cell phone.


Chad's Story

Chad Popp, a farmer from Rice, Minnesota, says he was hit head-on by a distracted driver using a cell phone in May 2016.

Shattered Dreams: Distracted Driving Changes Lives

In June 2014, Chris Weber picked up his cell phone while driving in Rock County to make a bank transaction. His choice led to the crash that killed Andrea Boeve, a mother of two who was bicycling with her young daughters in Rock County at the time.

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