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Basic Rider Course

​Designed for Beginning Riders 


Basic Rider Course (BRC) $245

Course Information

The Basic Rider Course is based on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) curriculum. The MMSC offers the Basic Rider Course offered at 22 Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.


Riders can get a license and learn essential motorcycle control skills in one course. The MSF designed the BRC for beginning riders with no previous riding experience, and it's also recommended for returning riders. Students are required to complete the MSF eCourse online prior to the class start date. Students can take the eCourse for free and will receive instructions from the training sites where they are registered.

Minnesotans wishing to receive motorcycle license endorsement through the BRC must be age 18 or older and have a motorcycle instruction permit in hand. Riders under age 18 are required to take the course to obtain a motorcycle permit.

eCourse topics

  • Protective riding gear

  • Preparation

  • Risk management

  • Street strategies

  • Special riding situations

  • Impairment

Early riding exercises teach basic skills

  • Clutch and throttle control

  • Straight-line riding

  • Turning

  • Shifting

  • Stopping

Later exercises teach advanced skills

  • U-turns and counterweighting

  • Maximum braking

  • Counter steering

  • Cornering

  • Swerving

MMSC provides training motorcycles in the BRC. Riders may ride their own motorcycle or scooter, 51–500cc, in the course. Motorcycles must be street legal, licensed and pass a basic equipment inspection. Riders also must have proof of insurance.

Eligibility Requirements

Participants must be able to ride a bicycle. Riders must furnish their own protective riding gear:
  • DOT-approved helmet

  • Eye protection

  • Long sleeves

  • Long pants

  • Full-fingered gloves

  • Riding boots 

  • Rain gear (Students are strongly encouraged to bring rain gear, because courses run rain or shine.)

Courses run April through September. Riders must register in advance and are required to bring a completed waiver form to participate in this course. Riders under age 18 must have a parent sign the waiver form to participate.


View the Minnesota Motorcycle and Motoriz​ed Bicycle Manual​.​

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