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MN Advanced Rider Course

Designed for experienced riders.

MN Advanced Rider Course $75

Course Information

If you want razor sharp hazard avoidance riding skills, try the 8-hour MN Advanced Rider Course where you'll hone the skills you need to avoid the dangers of the road, such as other drivers, deer and debris.

Being able to complete a 28-foot U-turn on your motorcycle is a requirement to take this course. Groups or clubs may purchase an entire Advanced Rider Course for only $500. Riders use their own motorcycles for this course.

The minimum engine size for this course is 600cc.

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This course uses the same techniques designed to train and keep police motor officers safe in any riding or traffic situation. Riders provide their own bikes. Video is available for some of the course exercises by clicking on the links provided.

Course Drills


Eligibility Requirements

  • Participants must be at least age 16.

  • Have a valid driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement.

  • Riders are required to bring a completed waiver form to participate in this course.

  • Participants under age 18 must have parents sign a waiver form prior to instruction.

  • Participants ride their own motorcycle during the course. Motorcycles must be street legal, licensed, insured, and comply with the equipment requirements outlined in the Minnesota Motorcycle Manual.

  • Riders must furnish their own protective gear, including: DOT-approved helmet, eye protection, motorcycle jacket, heavy pants, full-fingered gloves and riding boots.

  • Rain gear is highly advisable, because courses run rain or shine.

This course does not meet state licensing requirements or those for riders under age 18.

Participants will need to demonstrate basic motorcycle competency at the beginning of the course in order to participate in the rest of the course. Participants must be proficient in the basic skills of clutch control, straight-line riding, turning, shifting and stopping.

Passengers may participate at no charge.

Special Recommendations

Because of the advanced nature of this course, it is recommended to prepare motorcycles for the course:
  • Fresh oil and filter.

  • Adjust and lubricate chain.

  • Tires worn no more than 50 percent.

  • Increase tire pressure 3-5 psi for the riding drills.

This course is unique to Minnesota. It was designed and tested by Rich Jackson, a police motor officer with the Minneapolis Police Department and an MMSC Rider Coach.