Office of Traffic Safety

A Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Go High Viz

Start Being Seen

Ask any rider, and they will probably tell you their biggest safety concern is being cut off, run over, or otherwise violated by another driver in traffic. It’s a constant, serious threat.

However, as a rider, you can take control of the situation by making yourself as highly visible as possible. Doing so will reduce the number of surprises you face every day and help you avoid getting blindsided by someone else’s last-minute decision. 


Tips to Stand Out in Traffic

  • Wear a florescent, reflective safety vest or a brightly colored riding jacket

  • Wear a white or brightly colored helmet.

  • Use strategic lane positioning

  • Use a headlight modulator

  • Flash your brake light at stops

  • Incorporate reflective materials

  • Use movement

  • Install auxiliary driving lights

  • Install position and marker lights

  • Avoid riding at night, dawn and dusk

  • Install a louder horn

  • Avoid riding at low sun angle times

  • Avoid riding in poor weather