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Sample Inspection Checklists

Sample Inspection Checklists

These documents are intended as a resource for inspection staff that perform inspections in accordance with the 2015 Minnesota State Fire Code (MSFC). They can be used as-is or as a guide to develop customized forms for a particular jurisdiction.

When a sample inspection checklist has been updated, it will be noted with *2020 MSFC.​

Apartment buildings sample inspection checklist. *2020 MSFC

Assembly occupancies​ sample inspection checklist. 

Business occupancies sample inspection checklist. *2020 MSFC

College classroom and lecture buildings sample inspection checklist. *2020 MSFC

Educational occupancies sample inspection checklist. *2020 MSFC

Fire department site plan review ​sample inspection checklist. 

Home daycare and foster car​e​​ inspection checklist.

Public fireworks display sample inspection checklist. 

Underground flammable liquids tank installation sample inspection checklist. 

Hotel/motel sample inspection checklist. 

Mercantile occupancies sample inspection checklist. *2020 MSFC​