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How ​many fire departments use the Minnesota Fire Incident Reporting System (MFIRS)?
The State Fire Marshal Division appreciates the efforts of Minnesota fire departments that submit data via MFIRS. On average, between 90-95 percent of the state's fire departments have submit data year over year. 

fire-in-minnesota-2022-cover.jpgWhy report?

This information is essential if we are to understand and effectively combat the fire problem in Minnesota. It allows the SFMD to focus on real fire problems rather than popular perceptions. On the local level, this data provides information to help focus on prevention efforts. It also assists with budget planning for staffing and equipment.

Who uses this data?

Fire data is requested on a daily and weekly basis by the media, the public, the fire service and the fire protection community. It is used to support legislative initiatives and to guide public fire safety and prevention campaigns. The information is also compiled in our annual Fi​re in Minnesota​​ report.

Fire Incident Reporting Resources

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National Emergency Response Information System (NERIS)

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Minnesota Fire Incident Reporting System (MFIRS)

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Weather Information

National Weather Service


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