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AHJ's and fireworks operators: Please read this important notice​.  

Consumer Fireworks Information 


​What's legal and what's not

The sale, possession and use of certain non-explosive and non-aerial consumer fireworks is permitted in Minnesota. 

A more detailed list is available here.

Fact sheets and safety information

The latest numbers from the State Fire Marshal Division on fireworks injuries​ and property damage​​ caused by fireworks in Minnesota.

Sky and celebration lanterns.

This is the latest information about 
consumer fireworks enforcement.

This fireworks safety flyer tells you what you need to know about keeping your Fourth of July celebrations safe. 


Injury reporting 

Please fill out this form​ and submit it to us if you need to report a fireworks injury. You can submit the PDF form via email to Robert Rexeisen at robert.rexeisen@st​ate.mn.us.  

Fireworks recalls

No recalls at this time.
Questions should be directed to the State Fire Marshal Division by email to fire.code@​state.mn.us


Fireworks Operator (Public Display) Certification

Here is a list of currently certified Minnesota fireworks operators.

All fireworks displays must have a supervising operator conducting the display. The operator may have assistants; however, they must be at least 18 years of age. Operators must be at least 21 years of age.

To be certified, a person must: 

  1. Pass the State of Minnesota Fireworks Operators Examination
  2. Provide evidence of experience, which must include active participation as an assistant or operator in the performance of at least five fireworks displays, with at least one occurring in the current or preceding year. 
  3. Pay a $100 certification fee. (Card issuance will be delayed by 10 days if paying with personal check.) 

Certification is valid for a period of four calendar years from the date of issuance.

The State Fire Marshal Division has published guidelines on fireworks display safety: Public Display Fireworks Operator Guidelines. Operators are required to comply with these guidelines and must submit a report to the State Fire Marshal Division regarding fireworks displays that are conducted.

The guidelines, applications, and report forms may be viewed and printed from this site, or are available at the Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division, 445 Minnesota St., Suite 145, St. Paul, MN 55101.


Fireworks Operator Certification Exam Information

Exams are conducted in the office of the State Fire Marshal Division located at 445 Minnesota St., Suite 145, St. Paul, MN 55101

​Registration Deadline

​Examination Date
(Wednesdays 10 a.m.)
February 2/7
PGI - Brainerd
PGI - Brainerd

Application for Examination
The above form may be completed on-line and submitted by email, or printed for fax or mail submission.
Mailed forms should be sent to the address below, make sure it is received by the registration deadline.

Fireworks Operator Certification Program
Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division
445 Minnesota St., Suite 145
St. Paul, MN  55101​

Email: robert.rexeisen@state.mn.us​

Examination Materials (Exam is based on the following materials)

  • MN Statutes 624.20-25
  • National Fire Protection Association Standards are copyright protected and cannot be placed on this website. Contact NFPA at 800-593-6372, or order online at www.nfpa.org
    • National Fire Protection Association Standard - 1123 (2018 Edition) for Outdoor Certification
    • National Fire Protection Association Standard - 1126 (2016 Edition) for Indoor Certification
Fireworks Operator Certification Guidelines, Display Reports and Operator Certification Applications forms

***NOTE*** Do not complete the certification application or submit any fees to the State Fire Marshal until you have successfully passed the certification exam.

MS 270.72 requires that applicants complete this form and return it with their Fireworks Operator Certification Application.

Revised Fireworks Operator Display Report

Effective June 19, 2007, the Fireworks Operators Display Reports provided below are to be used by certified Public Fireworks Display Operators to report displays conducted to the State Fire Marshal Divi​sion, in accordance with;

Local Jurisdiction Outdoor Public Fireworks Display Permit Application - Sample Application for Permit 


Fireworks Operator Certification Renewal Requirements ​

The Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division will mail out the renewal forms at least three to four weeks prior to your expiration date.

Applicants for certification renewal as a fireworks display operator must meet the following requirements before certification may be renewed by the State Fire Marshal:

  1. Application form: The applicant must apply for renewal of certification in writing by completing and signing application forms that are sent out by the State Fire Marshals Office in advance of the expiration date of the Certification. 
  2. Evidence of experience: The applicant must submit evidence of experience that must include, as a minimum, the dates, locations, and authorities issuing the permits for at least three (3) safely conducted fireworks displays within the last four (4) years. 
  3. A $100 renewal fee must accompany the application.

For applicants requesting certification renewal that have acted only as assistants, evidence of experience will be verified by cross-referencing display reports filed by the fireworks operator of record for each display the applicant has claimed on their renewal form to have been an assistant. These applicants must provide the name and/or certification number of the operator of record for each display that the applicant was listed as an assistant.

Questions regarding fireworks certification renewal may be directed to Robert Rexeisen or 612-386-4657.

Indoor Fireworks Display Permits 

Minnesota Statutes 624.22, Subd 1 (2) (d) requires the operator of a facility to make application for an indoor fireworks display permit to the State Fire Marshal at least 15 days in in advance of the date of any performance, show or event which will include the discharge of fireworks inside a building or structure. It also permits the State Fire Marshal to delegate that authority to local fire chiefs.​
Once an application for a permit has been approved, State Fire Marshal Division personnel will conduct an inspection of the facility to determine its suitability for the conduct of an indoor pyrotechnics display. Inspection Guidelines are contained in the file listed below.
Once an application for a permit has been approved, State Fire Marshal Division personnel will conduct an inspection of the facility to determine its suitability for the conduct of an indoor pyrotechnics display. Inspection Guidelines are contained in the file listed above.
The American Pyrotechnics Association has developed an Proximate Pyrotechnics Checklist for use by pyro technicians when planning for and conducting a proximate audience display.  While the State Fire Marshal Division has not adopted this checklist for required usage, it is provided as guidance for operators and local authorities.