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Fire Sprinklers

This page is a resource for all things related to fire sprinklers. If after reviewing this page you still have questions, please contact the Sprinkler Team.


About fire sprinklers 

Visit the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition Website for details about installing home fire sprinkler systems, how they work, why they provide affordable protection and answers to common myths and misconceptions about their operation.

Sprinkler saves

The Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division is working with the Minnesota Chapter of the National Fire Sprinkler Association to collect information on sprinkler success stories or "sprinkler saves." Many of these incidents have some interesting facts that cannot be completely captured on standard fire reports.

If your fire department responds on a sprinkler activation that might be of interest to others, we encourage you to fill out this form​ and email it back to the addresses shown.

Learn more about sprinkler effectiveness in Minnesota in this Sprinkler Effectiveness Report that analyzes sprinkler saves from 2004 through 2018.


Installation of Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinkler systems can retrofitted for an existing residence or installed during building the building process. To obtain a permit to install a fire sprinkler contact your city or township.

​For additional assistance, contact Nathan Le or call him at 651-201-7207.​​​


Fully Sprinkled Minnesota Hotels and Motels


Municipal and Contractor Surcharge Reporting

When complete, email the completed Excel File to Nathan.Le@state.mn.us
Contractors: please also submit a copy of your completed report with your payment.

Information for Contractors and Journeymen

The following fact sheets have useful information for contractors and journeymen:

Certification Examination and License/Certification Application Information 
Examination schedule​ 
Examination booklet​

Candidate Examination Application 
   Form Fill Template (Word)
   Printable (Word)(PDF) 

Documenting Hours of Fire Protection Related Work Experience
Documentation of Eligibility for Examination Form
   Form Fill Template (Word)  
   Printable (Word)(PDF)

Journeyman Sprinkler Fitter / Managing Employee Application for Certification

For use by persons who have successfully completed the examination beginning with the January 2003 examination. Applications must include the Minnesota Department of Revenue License Application Form available below.
Minnesota Department of Revenue Form
This form must be submitted with each Application for Certification. 


Quick Response Newsletter

Quick Response is a monthly newsletter intend to provide information on an issue or topic related to fire protection systems or equipment. Suggestions for topics may be submitted to: Dan.Kaiser@state.mn.us. Visit the Quick Response Newsletter page to find great information on concealed sprinklers, standard sprinklers, drywall sprinklers and more.

Related State Statutes

MN Rules, Chapter 7512, Fire Protection Systems
MN State Statute 299M, Fire Protection Systems

Managing Employee Information

Candidates for Managing Employee Certification must successfully pass the Managing Employee Examination (see schedule).


Journeyman Sprinkler Fitter Examination Information

Candidates for Journeyman Sprinkler Fitter certification must successfully pass the Journeyman Sprinkler Fitter Examination (see schedule). 

Examination dates

Examination dates are Fridays. Registration deadlines are Fridays unless otherwise noted. The schedule is online.

Registration Information

Registration for Journeyman Sprinkler Fitter exam, and the trade portion of the Managing Employee exam is being handled by the State Fire Marshal Division.


Registration Deadline

Applications for examination and examination fees must be received in the Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division office no later than noon on the date of the registration deadline listed for each exam.

Special Notices for Contractors

Authorization to Begin Installation

The Minnesota State Fire Marshal will issue a “Notice to Proceed and Work Authorization” upon receipt of the plans, permit application, and permit fees. This authorization is issued by e-mail and will serve as confirmation that the plans have been accepted for review. A copy of the authorization letter should be kept on the job site.
This authorization allows fire protection contractors to initiate work pending the review of the plans, hydraulic calculations, and permit fees. This authorization is contingent upon correcting any deficiencies noted in the plan review process or as a result of any inspections conducted.
Questions should be directed to Ryan Kunst, supervisor for our Fire Protection Systems Program, at ryan.kunst@state.mn.us​, or ​by phone at 651-201-7204

Downloading Instructions

The revised Plan Review and Permit Application Form is a Microsoft Word document template. To download the template, right click on the form link above and select "Save Target As .” from the menu. Save the file to your computer. Alternatively, you may click on the link to open the document. Once opened, select "Save As" from the file menu and save it to your computer. It should save as a Word template with a .dot file extension.
Open the saved template in Microsoft Word to complete a new application. When you complete the application, save it to a new file name. The blank template will remain saved in its original location on your computer for future use.

Fire Protection System Permit Application - Application Usage Information

The Permit Application form is a Microsoft Word document. The application can be downloaded as a Microsoft Template and used repeatedly by following these instructions:
  • To use the form, double click on the file name, e.g. Permit Application.dot. When it opens, a new document will be generated that is a copy of the template ready to be completed. 
  • You can save the document at any time and name it as desired.
  • The form is protected, therefore only the designated fields can be accessed.
  • You can move from field to field by either clicking on it or by using the tab key. Moving backwards using the keyboard is done by using Shift – Tab.
  • All check boxes can be checked/unchecked by clicking on them or typing an X from the keyboard.
  • The fees due are automatically calculated after the Total Contract Amount is entered. (Value of Work).
  • Fields other than the amounts, check boxes, dates and phone numbers are general text fields. If there is a lot of information that will be entered, the document will expand to accommodate the information entered.
Submit a printed signed original with your plan and include the calculated fees.​​​​​​​​