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Day Care / Foster Care

General information ​

In accordance with Minnesota Statute 245A.151, a list of fire departments and cities that have been trained and are approved by the State Fire Marshal Division for the purpose of conducting day care/foster care inspections has been established.

All requests for fire inspections that are required by the Department of Human Services (DHS) should be sent directly to the departments/cities on this list. This list will be updated as new fire department/cities are added. Fire departments or cities wishing to be added to this list (or having questions) should contact Glen Bergstrand, Fire Safety Supervisor and a sign-up form will be sent to you by e-mail.

Note: DHS Interagency Request Form will only be given by your licensor. Here is a copy of the owner's permission to inspect form.

Photo of kids in school.

Trained local inspectors​

Here is the list of trained local inspectors​ for adult and child foster care, and group and family daycare. 

Here is the list of trained local inspectors for adult daycare, chemical treatment, child centers, preschool and other DHS-licensed facilities. 

Here is the list of SFMD inspectors by county. 
By law, the State Fire Marshal must conduct day care/foster care inspections where there is no local fire code inspector, or the local fire code inspector does not conduct these inspections.  Requests for inspections in communities for which the fire department does not conduct the inspection should be sent to the State Fire Marshal.