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 Health Care Inspection Territory Map ​


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Important Issues

All health care facilities in Minnesota need to fill out the following form as soon as possible: 

Temporary use of tents for medical testing
This fact sheet includes important information about how to safely heat tents or other structures that will temporarily be used for medical testing during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Guidance for temporary plastic barriers in health care settings

Fire protection trades deemed critical
Please see this letter from Fire Marshal Jim Smith​ about fire protection trades deemed critical. 

Fact sheet: Trees and decorative vegetation
Learn more in this ​fact sheet about 2020 Minnesota State Fire Code (MSFC) requirements relating to holiday or natural trees and decorative vegetation.  



Fire door assembly inspection report: Use this report form​ to keep track of required annual inspections of swinging door fire assemblies. 
Fire extinguisher maintenance report: Use this report form ​to keep track of required annual fire extinguisher maintenance. 
Ground fault circuit interrupter inspection: Use this report form to documewnt monthly GFCI receptacle inspections.
Health care facility fire reporting: Fill out this report form ​if you have a fire in your facility.  
Receptacle testing: Use this report form to document annual receptacle testing. 
Sprinkler system inspection report: Use this report form to document monthly sprinkler system pressure gauge testing.

Waiver template

Here is the actual waiver form for you to fill out once you look at the example.
This waiver is for long-term care facilities only.