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What is SceneSafe?

Minnesota's emergency responders face great potential for tragedy while en route to or on scene of a roadway incident. SceneSafe.jpg

SceneSafe, a 30-minute video, is an important training guide for EMS, firefighters and law enforcement officers.

This video can be used by all responders to learn the best practices and safety measures for addressing roadway incidents so they can avoid mistakes that could have life-changing consequences. 

The SceneSafe Training Video Includes:

  • Dramatic stories of Minnesota first responders killed and injured when on-scene of a crash.
  • Instruction and considerations for properly responding to roadway incidents. 
  • Critical tips and advice for setting up emergency traffic control scenes.

View the Video

 The 30-minute video is broken into six chapters. You can view the entire video or watch each chapter individually.

Chapter 1: It's Dangerous Out There

Hear dramatic stories about Minnesota first responders killed and injured on scene at an incident.

Chapter 2: General Considerations

Your goal as a first responder is to make an incident better, not worse. This chapter will explain what issues and variables you must take into consideration when arriving at an incident.

Chapter 3: Incident Response Protocol

Responders are not exempt from the law. You must establish procedures for responding to a scene. Learn in this chapter what you need to do to keep responders and the public safe.

Chapter 4: Roadway Incident Scene Response

Do you know how to properly set up a scene? In this chapter, you will learn more about setting up the initial block, tapering, flagging, giving people advanced warning and using other resources.

Chapter 5: Special Considerations

First responders are often faced with unpredictable situations. This chapter will help you think of obstacles you may have never considered, like weather, your emergency lights, bridges and overpasses.   

Chapter 6: You Can Make It Safer

The roadways are dangerous. You can't predict or control what other drivers do -- but you can control the steps you take to keep yourself safe. Keep your eyes open and make sure everybody goes home at the end of the day.


Key Training Points

Print off this document to help guide you through some of SceneSafe's key training points, including: SceneSafe Key Training Points.jpg

  • Response
  • Approach
  • Arrival
  • Scene management
  • Scene clearing

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This project was funded by the Fire Safety Account