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Make Minnesota Safe & Secure

The State of Minnesota is committed to keeping our communities safe

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The State of Minnesota is committed to keeping our communities safe. You can help by properly securing and storing your gun. 

We have given away more than 50,000 gun locks since August 2022.

Our goal is to get a gun lock into the hands of every Minnesota gun owner who doesn't already have one. Please check out our partners page to see where you can get a free gun lock​

“Make Minnesota Safe & Secure" is an initiative spearheaded by Gov. Tim Walz and Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan to ensure every firearm across Minnesota is safely and securely stored. Why? So they don't land in the hands of curious kids or would-be thieves.

Why Firearm Security and Storage Matters

A key part of responsible gun ownership is securing and storing guns while they are not in use. Here are a few reasons why.

Kids are curious. Even if you have talked to them many times about gun safety, they can't truly understand how dangerous guns are. If they come across a loaded gun, they can accidentally hurt or kill themselves or someone else. If they find it, they play with it.

A gun in the house also can be used to hurt or kill someone when:

  • A child or teen finds the gun and accidentally pulls the trigger.
  • A depressed teen or adult feels suicidal and there is a gun readily available.
  • A family argument gets out of control.
  • A family member or friend is mistaken for an intruder.

Safe storage, including using gun locks, can prevent tragedies like these.

Gun locks save lives. They prevent accidents. They prevent theft. They prevent gun violence. And they prevent suicides.

Together, we're making Minnesota safe and secure.

​This video playlist includes Español, Af Soomaali and Lus Hmoob​ language versions with voice translations courtesy of St. Paul Police Department Law Enforcement Career Path Academy cadets.